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Use it or Lose it

Use it or Lose it

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School has started, the holidays are getting closer, and 2021 will be over in the blink of an eye! The festivities of the last three months of the year often cause us to forget all about our oral health. We understand that dental care may not be at the top of your mental to-do list, but you only have a few months left to use your dental benefits before they expire! Make sure to use your benefits while you can; many plans do not let you roll your benefits over into the following calendar year. To make things easier, we have decided to share three simple ways to use your leftover benefits. It’s use it or lose it season!

  1. Unscheduled treatment. Do you need to schedule that pesky treatment you have been putting off? We know that treatment can be intimidating, especially if you have never had serious dental work done. We promise it will pay off! Whether it be fixing a cavity, getting crowns, an extraction, or any other treatment, we stand by the fact that getting it on your calendar before the end of the year is a good idea. This will solve any pain or discomfort you are having faster, and will also save you money in the long run. If you continue to procrastinate necessary treatment, you may need more treatment in the future. I think you know what this means. Schedule your treatment so you can use your benefits before you lose them!
  2. Hygiene. When did you come to visit us to get your teeth cleaned last? If it’s been six months or longer, you are due for a visit with your hygienist. Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year is a very important part of keeping your teeth healthy. Your hygienist will remove any plaque or tartar buildup that can cause more severe dental problems down the line if addressed early on. In addition to this, your smile will feel fresh and bright. If you have remaining dental benefits and haven’t been in for a cleaning recently, what are you waiting for? Schedule with us and use your benefits before you lose them!
  3. Big procedures. Are you a person who has wanted to upgrade your smile but hasn’t known where to begin? It’s your lucky day! Right now is the ideal time to get started with Invisalign or even give yourself a full smile restoration with dental implants! The best part is that you will be able to use your leftover dental benefits to cover the costs. Now is the time to take the leap you’ve always wanted to take and schedule your smile upgrade. It’s never too late, and you will be able to…you guessed it, use your benefits before you lose them!

Whether you have pending treatment, need to schedule a hygiene appointment, or want to treat yourself to a smile upgrade, now is the time to do it! Plus, we would love to see you at Argyle Family Dentistry before the year comes to a close. Call us at (940) 464-3500 to get booked with us. The clock is ticking, which means it’s time to use it or lose it! Click here to learn about a pain-free wisdom teeth recovery.
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