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Dental Crown Argyle, TX

Dental crowns are tooth caps that fully cover single teeth. Crowns benefit patients who have lost too much natural tooth structure for a dental filling. We provide dental crown treatment in Argyle, TX, to restore tooth appearance and function. Our office customizes tooth-shaped crowns to your teeth’s exact shade, shape, and size. 


Dental Crown in Argyle, TX

What Can Dental Crowns Treat?

Dental crowns can address multiple dental problems. We also use crowns for different types of treatments: 

  • Tooth Damage: Deep tooth fractures, dental injuries, worn teeth, cracked teeth, and other types of tooth damage may require crowns. Crowns will cover damaged teeth and prevent further injury to teeth.
  • Large fillings: Some patients may have severely infected teeth that require large dental fillings. These fillings are prone to wear and cracking. Covering a dental filling with a crown will add extra protection to the tooth and add more tooth structure to worn teeth. 
  • Restorations: We can use dental crowns to cover single dental implants for patients with one missing tooth. Traditional dental bridges use support from dental crowns to secure multiple missing teeth. Crowns appear and function like natural teeth, which makes them an excellent choice for other dental restorations. 

What are the Benefits of Dental Crowns?

Crowns offer many advantages for patients who require restorative care. Dental crowns: 

  • Improve the color of teeth
  • Match the shape of natural teeth
  • Preserve teeth after extensive wear or decay
  • Strengthen weakened teeth

If you have sustained tooth damage or require restorative care for missing teeth, crowns may be the best treatment. We do not recommend dental crowns if you experience teeth clenching and grinding. Excessive bite force and pressure on the teeth can damage your crowns. Before crown treatment, we will recommend nightguards and other treatments to keep teeth grinding in check. 

Types of Dental Crowns

There are several types of crowns to choose from:

  • Metal: Traditional crowns were made of metal materials like gold or alloys. Metal alloys or gold crowns may provide durability, but they are highly noticeable. Even crowns in the back of the mouth are apparent when you eat or talk.
  • Zirconia: Zirconium dioxide is a ceramic material with extreme strength and durability. However, zirconia crowns are often much more expensive than other options. 
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal: These crowns use a metallic frame to strengthen the tooth. The porcelain in these crowns creates a natural look.
  • Composite resin: While composite resin crowns look natural, they do not last as long as other types of crowns.
  • Porcelain: We recommend porcelain crowns over full metal or zirconium crowns because they look like natural teeth. Porcelain is often preferable to zirconium because this material is less costly. 

Dental Crown Treatment in Argyle, TX

As with any restorative treatment, we ensure you have good oral health. We will take X-rays to determine which teeth require crowns and to plan your specific treatment. 

First, we gently prepare the teeth for the crowns by trimming the teeth. This preparation creates a proper base for the crown. We take dental impressions of the treated tooth and surrounding teeth.

Then, we will place a temporary crown. We put the temporary crown with an easily removable adhesive. The temporary crown ensures you have a protective covering over your tooth or teeth.

We send the dental impression to a laboratory that creates the crown. Our office prefers using tooth-colored materials like porcelain. On the next visit, we remove the temporary crown. We check the shape, color, and fit of the dental crown. Finally, we cement the crowns to the teeth and polish the crowns for a natural sheen. 

Caring for Dental Crowns

It will take time for anesthesia to wear off after dental crown treatment. Wait until the anesthesia wears off to eat and drink.

It may take 24 hours for your crowns to adhere to your teeth fully. During the first 24 hours, avoid hard or crunchy foods. Avoid chewing on ice or hard objects with your crowns. Although crowns are durable, they can still sustain damage like natural teeth. 

Dental Crown FAQs

Learn more about crowns with answers to these common questions from our patients: 

How long do dental crowns last?

Porcelain dental crowns last 15 or more years. Cleaning your crowns regularly, avoiding hard objects or foods, and visiting the dentist regularly will help your crowns last.

What are inlays and onlays?

Also known as partial crowns, inlays, and onlays are treatments that cover part of the tooth’s surface. Inlays can replace small fillings and cover the tooth’s surface within the sides of the tooth. Onlays cover the tooth cusps and the inside of the tooth. Partial crowns only cover part of the tooth with dental composite. Like traditional crowns, inlays and onlays are separate pieces, we bond to the tooth surface. 

What is an implant crown?

An implant crown is a dental crown secured to a dental implant. Patients with single missing teeth benefit from implant crowns. An oral surgeon places the titanium implant post into the jawbone and connects an abutment to the post. The dental crown acts like a false tooth to cover the implant.  

Do you need sedation for dental crowns?

No, we will use an anesthetic during crown treatment. Most patients will not need dental sedation for crown treatment unless they have severe dental anxiety. 

What can I do if my dental crown falls off?

Contact our dentist if you lose your dental crown. Damage to the crown, tooth decay, or old adhesive can loosen your crown. If possible, bring the crown to our office. Do not try to place your crown back on your tooth. We will either reattach the crown or help plan a replacement. 

How much are dental crowns?

Crown materials and the number of crowns you receive will impact the dental crown cost. Because crowns are restorative treatments, only dental insurance that covers major restorative dental care can cover crown treatment. 

Protect Your Teeth with Crowns

Do you need support for one or more damaged teeth? Receive a dental crown in our Argyle, TX, dental office today. Call Argyle Family Dentistry at 940-531-9753 . You can also schedule a dental appointment online. Let Dr. Brandon Hooper or Dr. William Jennings know if you have further questions about dental crown treatment. They’re here to help.