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Family Dentistry Argyle, TX

Are you looking for a dental office that meets the needs of all your family members? Argyle Family Dentistry serves patients of all ages in Argyle, TX.

Learn how to maintain your child’s smile at home and how we ensure their oral health in our office.

Family dental care helps prevent dental problems and keep the teeth and gums healthy. Family and pediatric care are a part of the general dentistry services we provide to the public.

Family Dentist in Argyle, TX

Family Dentistry in Argyle, TX

Developing positive oral healthcare habits at a young age will set kids up for success and a healthy smile as an adult. In addition, learning about the dentist will aid in preventing dental anxiety.

Oral health can be fun; we want to come alongside our patients and their families to show why.

Don’t forget your baby’s gums.

Babies don’t have teeth, so why is taking care of their oral health necessary? Babies’ mouths produce less saliva than adults, and saliva is integral in keeping bacteria under control.

If you don’t care for your baby’s gums and mouth, bacteria may multiply, resulting in an infection.

Luckily, gum care is easy! We suggest wiping down your baby’s gums twice daily to combat the spread of bacteria. Please wash your hands before doing this to rid them of any lingering germs.

Use damp gauze or a washcloth to softly rub your baby’s gums, tongue, and soft mouth tissue. Through this process, unwanted food and bacteria will be eliminated!

Get a head start on healthy teeth.

Did you know we accept pediatric patients? Many parents don’t realize they can bring their children to see us at a young age. This is beneficial in multiple ways.

First, it helps us become familiar with the structure of your child’s mouth and how their teeth grow. Because of this, we will be able to provide exceptional care. Your child will also be less likely to become nervous about visiting us.

As you know, regular dental visits are integral to preventing plaque buildup. The younger your child has plaque removed, the healthier their smile will be in the long run!

A healthy smile will lead to a healthy life, and bringing your children to see us early will help them understand this.

Structure your child’s smile routine.

It is no secret that children thrive with routine. Toddlers and younger children may mirror their parents’ behaviors, even though they may not understand them.

To get your children to cooperate with their brushing routine, set a specific time for oral healthcare during the morning and evening, and join them! Your children will begin recognizing this should be part of their routine and want to be just like you.

Teeth-friendly snacks don’t have to be boring.

Healthy food can be fun for your kids and doesn’t only involve the vegetables you know they will complain about having to eat. Citrus is rich in vitamin C, which keeps the soft tissue in your mouth healthy!

Whether a glass of orange juice or grapefruit slices, citrus is sweet, and kids love it. Dairy is another option. Packed with calcium and vitamin B12, it will strengthen your teeth and increase the health of your gums.

The best thing about dairy is it comes in many tasty forms, from cheese and yogurt to ice cream for a special treat!

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