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Custom Mouthguard Argyle, TX

You need to wear a mouthguard during sports. Contact sports, or sports with any contact between players, need a mouthguard. Hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and football require players to wear a mouthguard. If you or your child need a new sports mouthguard for the upcoming season, contact Argyle Family Dentistry. We can create a custom mouthguard in our Argyle, TX, dental office. 

Sports mouthguards are a part of the general dental services we provide patients because they can prevent many problems. Mouthguards are made of rubbery plastic that helps cover the top teeth, protecting them from damage or loss. 

Custom Mouthguard in Argyle, TX

What Can Sports Mouthguards Do?

Wearing a custom athletic mouthguard can do the following: 

  • Protect the mouth’s soft tissues (cheeks, lips, tongue)
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Reduce the chance of jaw injuries
  • Prevent damage to braces (wires, brackets)

When you’re playing sports, you can sustain hits from a ball, stick, or other player. Athletic mouthguards absorb some shock from hits to the mouth or face. 

Wearing the right sports mouthguard can make a big difference in your performance. If your mouthguard falls out often, you may need to clench your teeth to keep it in place. While store-bought stock mouthguards seem convenient, these mouthguards do not provide a custom fit. If your mouthguard is too tight or loose, you can increase your risk of tooth damage or loss. 

Our office customizes mouthguards to help you focus on your game, not your mouthguard. Custom sports mouthguards are meant to make speech easy so that you can communicate with other players. Your mouthguard should also help you drink water or sports drinks without removing your appliance.

Getting a Custom Mouthguard in Argyle, TX

You can receive a sports mouthguard in just two office visits. At the first visit, we will take dental impressions of your top teeth for a custom fit. We send these impressions to a dental lab, where technicians will create the mouthguard from a flexible plastic.

When you return to our office, we will double-check the fit of your mouthguard. Our office will provide a case to store your mouthguard when not in use.

The mouthguard should fit snugly but not tightly over your top teeth. Your mouthguard will cover most of your teeth but not your molars. This is because covering all your teeth could trigger your gag reflex. A properly fitted mouthguard should feel comfortable and should not impede speech. 

Are TMJ Night Guards and Sports Mouthguards the Same?

No, TMJ night guards and sports mouthguards are not the same. Sports mouthguards are too bulky to wear during sleep, and night guards will not protect your teeth during sports. 

While night guards cover the teeth, they do not provide enough protection for the front of the teeth. Night guards are meant to prevent the teeth from grinding together. A night guard also helps relieve jaw pain and morning headaches. These appliances use hard acrylic to cover the upper or lower teeth. This hard plastic helps discourage teeth clenching and grinding.

On the other hand, sports mouthguards use flexible, rubber-like plastic. Sports mouthguards only cover the front of the top teeth. Athletic mouthguards are meant to protect the teeth and gums from hits to the face. These mouthguards can also prevent jaw injuries.

We can provide a separate sports mouthguard and TMJ night guard if needed. However, you cannot use one for the other.

Custom Mouthguard FAQs

We welcome you to learn more about custom mouthguards in our Argyle, TX, office with answers to these common questions: 

Why do sports mouthguards only cover the top teeth?

Most sports mouthguards cover your upper teeth because they protrude over the lower teeth. As a result, the top teeth are more prone to hits to the mouth. Boxing mouthguards are the exception; these mouthguards cover the top and bottom teeth.

How do you clean sports mouthguards?

Before and after each use, gently brush your sports mouthguard with liquid antibacterial soap and a toothbrush. Rinse your mouthguard in cool water. Do not use hot water because this can damage your mouthguard. Then, let your mouthguard dry before you put it in its ventilated case.

For a deep clean, use a mouthguard soak. This soak will remove harmful bacteria from the mouthguard. 

How often should you replace a sports mouthguard?

We recommend replacing a sports mouthguard after every sports season. However, if your mouthguard still fits properly, you can replace it when it loses shape.

We recommend replacing your child’s mouthguard more frequently as they lose their baby teeth and their permanent teeth grow. Tooth loss will change the fit of the mouthguard.

How much are sports mouthguards?

The cost of a professionally made sports mouthguard can depend on insurance coverage. Our office will work with you to fit mouthguards in your budget.

Custom mouthguards can cost more because of their materials and personal fit. While stock, store-bought mouthguards cost less, you’ll likely buy them more frequently because they do not fit your mouth.

Can a sports mouthguard cover braces?

Yes. In fact, mouthguards are required for athletes with braces for many contact sports. Wearing a custom mouthguard prevents broken wires or brackets. The mouthguard also covers the braces to prevent soft tissue injuries. Because we provide a custom fit, our office can allow for more room to accommodate your braces.

Are custom-made sports mouthguards worth it?

Yes, professional, custom mouthguards prevent the need for dental work. Wearing a properly fitted mouthguard also reduces the risk of dental emergencies, such as a knocked-out tooth or broken teeth. Mouthguards are an investment in your oral health. A custom sports mouthguard can prevent the need for restorative and cosmetic treatments. 

Protect Your Teeth

Do you need a new sports mouthguard for this season? Get yourself or your child a custom mouthguard in our Argyle, TX office.

Call Argyle Family Dentistry for treatment today at 940-531-9753 . You can also schedule a dental appointment with us online. Let us know if you have any questions about mouthguard treatment or care. We will be glad to help.