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Give Your Employees Something to Smile About

Give Your Employees Something to Smile About

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The Argyle Family Dentistry team loves supporting fellow local businesses! We know hiring can be challenging, especially these days. One of the top things potential employees are looking for is a company offering excellent benefits to make their lives easier. We have combined our passion for oral health with our desire to help the community by providing an Employer Membership Plan! With this plan, businesses can attract and retain quality employees while minimizing the chances of them having to miss work due to undiagnosed or untreated dental health issues.

So, why would you be interested in our plan over traditional dental insurance? Not only will it benefit your employees, but there are many perks for you! Everyone knows insurance companies can be a hassle, especially if you are busy managing a company. With our Employer Membership Plan, the middleman is eliminated! This results in no waiting periods, pre-authorizations, or claim forms. As an employer, you can contribute what you want to your employee’s care, from $0 to the total subscription price. 

How to sign up for the employer membership plan

Enrolling your company in our plan is quick and easy and can be done in about five minutes from any device. Once the plan is active, your employees can sign up at any time through your online portal. The best part is there are no hidden costs such as deductibles, annual maximums, or activation fees. You and your staff will get what you pay for with full price transparency. Three variations of the plan are offered: Child Complete, Adult Complete, and Perio Care. 

What do these plans include?

3 infographics of the different employer membership plans and how much they cost

You won’t be able to offer your employees benefits like this through a regular insurance provider! Good oral health is good for business, and there are many reasons we believe this at Argyle Family Dentistry. If your employees have a dental benefit plan, they are much less likely to need time off to deal with serious oral health issues and can quickly obtain proper care if a problem arises. Two out of three employees state that dental benefits are a significant part of their overall benefits package. Offering a plan like this will help your company stand out from competitors and show your employees you care about them. 

If you want to learn more about why your employees might benefit from the Employer Membership plan, read our blog post, The Main Goal Of Dental Routine Procedures and see the importance.

We are confident that our plan can help both you and your business! If you have any questions or want to sign up, call Argyle Family Dentistry at (940) 464-3500.