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Wisdom Teeth for Back to School

Wisdom Teeth for Back to School

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It’s never too early to prepare your kids to return to school! The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of back-to-school prep is shopping for school supplies, but it should also include getting on top of all your oral healthcare needs while there is free time in the summer. This could consist of bi-yearly hygiene and exams, but we recommend you go further and schedule any pending wisdom teeth removal surgeries you or your family may have! Having wisdom teeth removed during summer will ensure no school is missed due to recovery time in the fall.

Wisdom teeth usually emerge during the teen years but can also come in during the early to mid-twenties. Some patients will never need to remove their wisdom teeth because their mouths’ shape and size can accommodate them. More commonly, however, the eruption of wisdom teeth can cause many oral health problems, so they must be removed. These problems can range from partial eruption to an increased risk for tooth decay and disease.

So why should you book your wisdom teeth removal consultation now?

If you wait until fall, your child may have to miss some school due to recovery time. We want to help you avoid this! Recovery from wisdom teeth removal surgery generally takes around ten days, but you will need to plan to rest and watch what you eat for about five days. This means up to a week of school could be missed. Rushing healing is never a good idea, so booking during the summer will ensure your child has sufficient recovery time!

In addition, possible complications from wisdom teeth removal may result in a longer healing time. While rare, these complications can happen. The most common is known as a “dry socket,” which means that the blood clot that is supposed to form over the empty tooth socket isn’t there. Dry sockets can be avoided if your surgery healing is taken slowly and properly, so lots of rest time after surgery is beneficial!

If you are traveling this summer and unable to get your child in for a consultation or are worried you may not have time for a full recovery, don’t worry! Dr. Hooper can work with you and your schedule to find an ideal treatment plan. If you need to wait until the school year to book the surgery, we recommend doing it over a long holiday or waiting until winter break. This will make for optimal healing time and less stress overall.

Are you interested in scheduling a wisdom teeth removal consultation or learning more? Give Argyle Family Dentistry a call at (940) 464-3500. We would be happy to assist you!